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About Us

Established in 2016

Geiger Relocations was established in 2016. Our experience spans over 40 years in the office and industrial business. GRS has grown through the many positive referrals we get from our past and current clients. We value each and every customer.

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Our Services

How Can We Help?

Whether it’s disconnecting and reconnecting your computers or moving high-value items, we follow a precise process to ensure your business is up and running as soon as possible.



We’ll develop an efficient move plan that minimizes disruption to your professional operations. We identify key assets in your organization and provide the expertise and ability to move them on time. Whether furniture, shelving, documents, technology, or decorative fine art, we’ll provide the experience to package and safely deliver your operation to any destination.

Industrial & Facilities

Moving machinery, fixtures, racking systems and technology requires planning, talent and experience. GRS has the capability and experience to thoroughly plan and execute your relocation. We’ll deliver, while minimizing downtime and revenue disruption.


At GRS our efficient planning promotes disciplined inventory management, secure packing and safe transportation. We avoid negatively impacting daily operations through scheduled cooperation. Exceeding Industry standards and safety are essential to Geiger Relocation Solutions. We guarantee our services align with state and federal regulations and employ all necessary permits. Temperature requirements, controlled storage and specific handling of materials all are met with a high level of care and professionalism. A customers new location is an opportunity for the proper organization of assets.  


Warehousing & Logistics

Warehousing is so much more than the storage of goods. Geiger Relocation Solutions provides both logistics and means to transfer your items while implementing complete inventory control. Your stock will be housed securely awaiting fulfillment.


Project Management

Hire us to provide leadership and management to a project you have in progress. We have the service experience to assist any plan. Our goal is to be helpful. We can get your project back on track and completed sooner.


Decomission & Restoration Services

When it becomes necessary for you to return a facility to its previous state, we restore materials and infrastructure to a pristine condition. Whether liquidation, disposal or recycling is needed, or repairs to on-site infrastructure, GRS will manage all stakeholders and assure the facility is returned to compliance, so that you continue looking forward.

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