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About Us

Geiger Relocations was established in 2016. Our experience spans over 40 years in the office and industrial business. GRS has grown through the many positive referrals we get from our past and current clients. We value each and every customer.



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Industrial & Facilities

Moving sensitive and expensive equipment requires planning, talent and experience. Refrigeration needs, calibrated specialty equipment and the handling of chemicals demands excellence. Compliance and safety are top priorities.


At GRS our efficient planning promotes disciplined inventory management, secure packing and safe transportation. We avoid negatively impacting daily operations through scheduled cooperation. Exceeding Industry standards and safety are essential to Geiger Relocation Solutions. We guarantee our services align with state and federal regulations and employ all necessary permits. Temperature requirements, controlled storage and specific handling of materials all are met with a high level of care and professionalism. A customers new location is an opportunity for the proper organization of assets.  

Warehousing & Logistics

Warehousing is so much more than the storage of goods. Geiger Relocation Solutions provides both logistics and means to transfer your items while implementing complete inventory control. Your stock will be housed securely awaiting fulfillment.

Project Management

Hire us to provide leadership and management to a project you have in progress. We have the service experience to assist any plan. Our goal is to be helpful. We can get your project back on track and completed sooner.

Decomission & Restoration Services

When it becomes necessary for you to return a facility to its previous state, we restore materials and infrastructure to a pristine condition. Whether liquidation, disposal or recycling is needed, or repairs to on-site infrastructure, GRS will manage all stakeholders and assure the facility is returned to compliance, so that you continue looking forward.


“Geiger Relocation Solutions are a valued vendor and partner we trust and rely on for our move needs and restoration needs for sites across the United States… management was very pleased with the quality and timeliness of their delivery.”
David H. Tanaka
Facilities Manager
KIA Motors America

“I have had the pleasure of working with GRS on over 20 projects over the last 4 years. I have found their services to be of the highest quality, and their attention to detail and customer service, second to none.”
Sean Conry
Managing Director
CBRE| Project Management

“We had planned a move with a vendor and last minute, that vendor went out of business. I called Geiger Relocation Services 3 days prior to our move. This was so last minute, yet Geiger didn’t miss a beat. They had everything packed and on trucks as scheduled. We received the trucks on time with a great crew who drove it out.”
Raymond Valdez
CKE Restaurants Holdings Inc.
Carl’s Jr. | Hardee’s

“Our most recent office move was made seamless and removed a lot of stress from our facilities management team. Thank you for being easy to work with, detail oriented, careful, clean, safe, and responsive. The level of communication I received put my mind at ease… It’s rare to find vendors who seek to over-deliver and have a good attitude all while being accommodating.”

Kym Galdamez
Operations Team Admin
Fisher&Paykel Healthcare